Hall of Fame

Full news notes will be along tomorrow evening, but until then, I leave you with the above photo of Mr. Sergei Viktorovich Fedorov, who — also tomorrow — will be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.  A worthy honour, too, for a guy who played over 1500 top-level games between the Soviet Championship, the NHL, and the KHL, and scored more than 1300 points.  Perhaps the most amazing thing about Fedorov: he played in the NHL both as a forward and as a defenseman, and was excellent at both!

Fedorov will join Pavel Bure, Igor Larionov, Vyacheslav Fetisov, Valery Kharlamov, Vladislav Tretyak, and Anatoly Tarasov on the roster of Soviet and Russian inductees to the Hall of Fame.  It’s a short list, and I don’t say anything too radical when I suggest that there are a number of other names that should be on it.  And so, in the coming days here at the blog, we’ll start to look at those candidates, one by one, and consider their pros and cons in terms of qualifications for a Hall of Fame plaque.  And I will be looking for your input on it as well, dear readers!

As mentioned, news notes tomorrow — they will be full of international hockey this time!


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  1. Well deserved. I saw him and took photos in the World Championship 1989 and in an international tournament 2010. Booth places in Globe Arena, Stockholm, Sweden.
    Jan Fleischmann, photoreporter Sweden who is now in Brasil and Mato Grosso and have met many jaguars.

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