Hello Again!

Normal service resumes here tomorrow…


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  1. Assuming that you’ll start posting team previews soon… I am more than hyped! I think it would be way better if you start posting them a little bit later when the season draws nearer, with more than one previews every day so it is all done before the season starts – because the way you did it last year, you had to preview many teams way earlier. But I also understand that this blog is probably not your main job and you don’t have time to post three or four previews every day repeatedly, so all I can do is thank you in advance for the amazing job you do! This time of the year is really the best – it is such a big pleasure to read about teams and see what they are up to, dreaming of what they might bring to the table in the upcoming season and such 🙂

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    • Many thanks for the kind words, and I’m glad your enjoying the blog! The team-by-team previews will start next week at some point, so at least a bit later than last year — I think I’m better prepared for them this time around. It will certainly help a bit that there are two fewer teams to do this time. 🙂

      And a post coming later on this evening as well!


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