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Olga Sosina Interview!

If you would like a bit of weekend reading, I invite you to check out my translation of an interview from this past week with Russian women’s national team and Agidel Ufa forward Olga Sosina.  The 25-year-old from Almetyevsk, in the Republic of Tatarstan, is for my money the best player in the Russian women’s program; there are certainly other serious contenders for that title, but few can match Sosina’s  combination of speed, strength, and skill (see video above).  She’s very good, is what I’m saying, and if you have been following the Russian women’s hockey coverage here for any length of time at all, you have doubtless seen mention of her.

Enjoy the interview — and my apologies for any errors or misunderstandings in the translation!


Women’s Hockey Update: December 4th, 2017


Arktik-Universitet Ukhta’s Fanuza Kadirova goes airborne to evade a couple of Biryusa Krasnoyarsk opponents during Women’s Hockey League action this weekend.  (Image Source)

On and off the ice, there have been noteworthy developments in Russian women’s hockey over the past seven days, and more than a few!  Read on, therefore, for expansion talk, the Oswald Commission and the national team, and whole lot of hockey games in various competitions…


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Women’s Hockey Update: November 27th, 2017


Agidel Ufa’s Olga Sosina (here watched carefully by Arktik-Universitet Ukhta goalie Anastasiya Gorshunova) had a very nice week indeed!  (Image Source)

It was an eventful week in Russian women’s hockey… at least it was eventful on the ice.  As far as off-ice matters are concerned, and in particular the Oswald Commission hearing last Wednesday (see last week’s update), well, we are still in some suspense over that.  Read on, however, for recaps of what turned out to be a highly entertaining week in the Women’s Hockey League (and lots of links to highlights)!

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Women’s Hockey Update: November 20th, 2017

Highlights from one of this past week’s Women’s Hockey League games: a thriller between Agidel Ufa (in green) and Tornado Moscow Oblast!

A fairly large update this week, as in addition to some exciting goings-on on the ice, there was some significant off-ice tidings in a couple of areas — and not all of it is good  news.  There will be more of this in the coming week too, so read on…

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Women’s Hockey Update: November 13th, 2017


Valeriya Pavlova made her return to the national team this past week after a season away, and it was clear how much she’d been missed!  (Image Source)

We’re back in business here this week with another women’s hockey update, and this one is mostly about the international scene.  Two Russian women’s national teams saw game action over the past few days, and — spoiler alert — it all went very well indeed.  Read on, for those stories and some other notes as well!

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Women’s Hockey Update: October 30th, 2017


Severyanka Cherepovets goalie Arina Konina finds the puck with a little help from her defenders during their game against Forvard Kazan at this past weekend’s opening of the Under-18 national amateur league’s season.  (Image Source)

Well, this was a fairly busy week in Russian women’s hockey!  With the the national team returned from its tour of the NWHL, there were once again games in the Women’s Hockey League, while just east of the Urals the amateur league’s Under-18 division held its inaugural matches as well.  Read on…

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Women’s Hockey Update: October 23rd, 2017


Lots of post-game smiling for the Russian women’s national team over the past ten days!  Here Galina Skiba (#55), goalie Mariya Sorokina, Yekaterina Nikolayeva (#76), and Anna Shokhina (#97) celebrate a win over the Boston Pride.  (Image Source)

In the autumn of 2016, the Russian women’s national team visited the United States to take on clubs from the NWHL, and came away at the end with a respectable 2-3 record.  This fall, the nats went back again, and let us just say that they improved somewhat upon that mark.  When we checked in last week, Team Russia had won their first two games of the series, so read on for recaps of the four that took place since then!


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Women’s Hockey Update: October 16th, 2017


Members of the Russian women’s national team pose before their game against the Metropolitan Riveters on Friday.  Note, in the back row, the presence of Washington Capitals Alex Ovechkin and Yevgeny Kuznetsov, who had dropped by say hello.  (Image Source)

Yesterday we had a quick look at the Russian women’s national team roster for their current visit to the United States to take on NWHL opposition.  Today, we go into more depth on the team’s first couple of games in North America (and a very interesting start to the series it has been, too), and present you with the promised brief preview of the amateur women’s hockey season in Russia.  Read on…

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Team Russia on the 2017 NWHL Tour


Olga Sosina. (Image Source)

The Russian women’s national team opened its 2017 series against National Women’s Hockey League teams on Friday in New Jersey, taking on the newly-rechristened Metropolitan Riveters.  It was a successful night for Team Russia, as they emerged 3-2 victors on back of a hat-trick by their redoubtable captain, Olga Sosina.  There will be a full recap of that here game on Monday, but today we will take a look at the roster that the coaching staff has selected for the overseas trip.  Read on!

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Women’s Hockey Update: October 9th, 2017


Russia’s Yevgeniya Dyupina scores against Nana Fujimoto of Japan during an exhibition game on Monday.  (Image Source)

Here we are at Monday, so it is time once again for a women’s hockey update, and there is a great deal to cover in this one!  Both the senior and under-18 Russian women’s national teams saw action this past week, and the last couple of days witnessed the celebrations of the IIHF’s World Girls’ Ice Hockey Weekend.  In addition, there was a very important player-signing in the Women’s Hockey League, and even bigger news than that.  Read on!

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