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Finals Week Update


HK Tambov hoist the Federations Cup, championship trophy of Russia’s third-tier men’s professional league, on Wednesday.  (Image Source)

A few days ago we took a quick look at all the different Finals going on in Russian hockey this week, and some of that silverware that was under dispute has now been handed out!  Read on, therefore, for some champions at the lower levels of pro and junior hockey, as well as a quick bonus update on some international hockey results from today.

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Women’s Hockey League Final Preview!


Goalmout action between Agidel Ufa (in green) and Tornado Moscow Oblast during a 2017-18 regular-season game.  The two teams now meet in the Final, starting on Thursday!  (Image Source)

Tomorrow sees the beginning of the Women’s Hockey League’s first playoff Final, as Agidel Ufa and Tornado Moscow Oblast meet for Game 1 of a best-of-five affair at the former’s home rink.  We covered what happened in the semifinals here the other day; now, read on for a look at both of the finalists!

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Women’s Hockey Update: April 16th, 2018


Olga Sosina looking very focused during Agidel Ufa’s first-round playoff series against SKIF Nizhny Novgorod. (Image Source)

So what do we have to discuss in this update?  Major things, including the first round of the first-ever Women’s Hockey League playoffs, the first-ever championship tournament in Russia’s amateur Under-18 league, and beginning of the second edition of the Women’s Under-16 European Cup.  So read on!

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Finals Week, and Other Notes


Newly-appointed Russian men’s national team coach Ilya Vorobyov. (Image Source)

This is a bit of a “tidying-up” sort of post; it includes updates on all of the various league Finals going on or starting this week, as well as some news from the FHR and previews of imminent international hockey attractions.  So read on, as we go all over the place!

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Women’s Hockey League Playoff Preview!


Agidel Ufa await the start of a game during the 2017-18 Women’s Hockey League Season.  Agidel now await the beginning of the playoffs, which they enter as the number one seed!  (Image Source)

The 2017-18 Women’s Hockey League regular season came to an end this past week with a couple of two-game sets: Biryusa Krasnoyarsk beat Arktik-Universitet Ukhta 6-4 and 4-0, while Tornado Moscow Oblast tore up the league’s bottom club, SK Sverdlovsk Oblast, by scores of 14-2 and 13-2.  Those two blowouts of SKSO allowed Tornado’s Anna Shokhina to secure her grip on the scoring title (she posted 11 points over the two games), and they also muddied the waters a bit when it comes to analyzing her team’s playoff prospects, as we shall see.  However, the results had no effect whatsoever on the final standings, so we need not go into them in depth.

Instead, we look ahead to the first-ever Women’s Hockey League playoffs, which gets underway on Tuesday!  So read on, as we check out the match-ups in the two semifinal series, and try to work out who the key players to watch will be!

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Women’s Hockey Update: April 3rd, 2018


Tornado Moscow Oblast goalie Nadezhda Alexandrova has some help in dealing with the threat posed by Biryusa Krasnoyarsk’s Oxana Tretyakova during the first of two meetings between the two teams this past week.  (Image Source)

There was a great deal of excitement in the Women’s Hockey League this past week, as the regular season neared its end and the playoff picture clarified itself.  Away from the team standings, the individual scoring race took a dramatic turn as well.  And even amongst the non-playoff sides, there was plenty to talk about, as one club in particular looked to end a years-long run of futility.  Read on…

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Women’s Hockey Update: March 27th, 2018


Things get a little rivalrous between Agidel Ufa (in white) and Tornado Moscow Oblast during a game last week. (Image Source)

There was a lot of hockey played in the Women’s Hockey League over the past seven days, and we have recaps of it all, and some discussion of what it all signified for the upcoming playoffs and for the scoring race.  Do read on for that, and for the final resolution of the national Under-18 championship!

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Women’s Hockey Update: March 20th, 2018


SKIF Nizhny Novgorod’s Polina Bolgareva breaks through the Dynamo St. Petersburg defence to test goalie Valeriya Merkusheva during a game last week.  (Image Source)

There was not too much in the way of Women’s Hockey League action this past week, with just two pairs of games on the schedule.  There was, however, the final qualifying tournament of the amateur League of Women’s Hockey, so the national championship tournament teams for that are all set.  And there was some deep drama in the Canadian Women’s Hockey League playoffs — read on!

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Women’s Hockey Update: March 13th, 2018


A student from the Salavat Yulaev Ufa hockey school does the opening faceoff honours at yesterday’s Women’s Hockey League game between Agidel Ufa and Dynamo St. Petersburg (that’s Agidel captain Yekaterina Lebedeva on the right, and Dynamo’s captain Alyona Andryushchenko on the left).  The match was also part of the 2018 IIHF Global Girls’ Game!  (Image Source)

There were some big games this week in the Women’s Hockey League, as the playoff picture continues to take shape.  We now have one team with a post-season spot mathematically secured, while the battle for the other three such places continues.  Read on, for some game recaps and a quick look at the end of the season in the Canadian Women’s Hockey League.

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Women’s Hockey Update: March 6th, 2018


Aneta Tejralová (l.) of Dynamo St. Petersburg and Arktik-Universitet Ukhta’s Leisan Iskhakova in Women’s Hockey League action this past week. (Image Source)

The Women’s Hockey League came out of its Olympic break this past week, and it did so in a big way, with 12 games on the schedule as the playoff picture begins to solidify.  There were some thrilling games in there too, as well as a historic moment for Agidel Ufa, so read on for recaps, and for a look at some action this past weekend in Russia’s amateur U18 league.

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