Behind the Benches: Bobrov Division



Severstal Cherepovets Head Coach Alexander Gulyavtsev. (Image Source)

Three divisions down, and so one to go in our survey the KHL’s coaches for 2018-19 (we have already looked at the Kharlamov, Chernyshev, and Tarasov Divisions)!  Last, but not least, is the West Conference’s Bobrov Division, where we find a couple of coaches who guided long-time playoff outsiders back to the promised land last season, as well as new faces at a two of the division’s biggest clubs.  Read on…

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Behind the Benches: Tarasov Division


Igor Nikitin greets the CSKA Moscow faithful.  (Image Source)

With this, the third installment in our look at 2018-19’s KHL coaches, we switch over to the West Conference.  Previously, we checked in on the East’s Kharlamov and Chernyshev divisions, where a combined ten out of 13 teams will enter 2018-19 will a new Head Coach.  The West… well, the coaching situation in the West Conference has been a lot calmer!  Read on, as we begin with the Tarasov Divsion…

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Behind the Benches: Chernyshev Division


Vladimir Yurzinov, Jr. (at left), has been carrying on the family coaching business begun many years ago by his father, Vladimir Yurzinov, Sr. (right).  The younger Yurzinov will return behind the Sibir Novosibirsk bench this coming season.  (Image Source)

This evening we move right along with our look at KHL teams and their coaches in 2018-19.  We stay with the East Conference for this one, but shift over to the Chernyshev Division, where six out of the seven teams will have a new face behind the bench this coming season.  Read on, for a well-known NHL coach making his KHL debut, a former Toronto Maple Leafs hero now in the Far East, and other interesting stories.

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Behind the Benches: Kharlamov Division


Ak Bars Kazan Head Coach Zinetula Bilyaletdinov with the trophy after his team’s 2017-18 Gagarin Cup triumph. (Image Source)

A new KHL season is on the horizon!  Teams will begin assembling for their 2018-19 training camps in about three weeks or so, and that means it is time to start looking ahead to the new campaign (even though we still have some tidying up of the old one to be done).  No better place to start, too, than by looking at the men who will be behind KHL benches next season, and we will get that process underway with the Head Coaches of the East Conference’s Kharlamov Division.  Read on!

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It Lives!

The Russian hockey map that I did a couple of seasons is back up and functioning (or is at least in a somewhat presentable form), and you can get to it via the link on the bar above (next to “Russian Hockey on Social Media,” which I also encourage you to check out), which will take to the map and a few explanatory notes.  The map by itself is viewable here.  More to come — I still have leagues to add to it, and there will doubtless be some changes over the course of this off-season.  Enjoy!

Links, and Many of Them!


You will notice a new link on the bar at the top of this page!  It’s a project I’ve been poking at for some time, and finally got finished, namely a list of links to the websites and social media accounts of various Russian hockey entities (leagues, associations, and teams)!  Some notes:

  • Teams are mostly listed in the leagues in which they competed in 2017-18, but Lada, Ugra, and HK Tambov have been moved to the VHL table, as they are expected to compete in that league in 2018-19.  Other such changes will be made as we get official league rosters for next season.
  • Over the summer, I will also be adding the teams from the Asia League and the amateur League of Women’s Hockey, and perhaps some other things as well (major media sites and the like).
  • Links to websites are to the the “top-level” site for that team or organization, whatever language it may be in (usually but not always Russian).  Links to versions of the site in other languages are included.  Links to social media accounts are in the language indicated.
  • Sites and accounts that have not posted new material since December 31st, 2017, are not included.
  • I will be checking this and updating it regularly, but if you can fill any of the gaps on these tables, or spot any errors, please do let me know via the comments (here or at the page itself) or by e-mail (

This and That (Updated)


Players and staff from the Ural State Mining University celebrate winning the 2017-18 championship of the Student Hockey League.  (Image Source)

I think we will take this evening to get caught up on a few things going on in the world of Russian hockey right now!  The past few days have seen some interesting coaching news in a couple of different leagues, as well as some tidings relating to the 2018-19 KHL goaltending picture (we were just talking about that, too!).  Read on, for those stories and a few others!

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KHL Goaltending Last Season and Next: The East Conference


2017-18 KHL Goalie of the Year Pavel Francouz waves farewell to the Traktor Chelyabinsk faithful after the team’s elimination in the East Conference Final.  (Image Source)

On Tuesday, we took a rough look at how the goaltending and defences shaped up in 2017-18 in the KHL’s West Conference, with the aid of a couple of interesting (well, I think so) graphs.  Time, then, for the East Conference, so read on — I have re-posted the graphs, and provided a little write-up on each Eastern team.  And we will find among the other things the answer as to how Traktor Chelyabinsk got as far as they did!

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Season’s End


Pavel Datsyuk (at right) won a special “lifetime achievement” sort of award, presented by IIHF President René Fasel at Wednesday’s KHL Awards Ceremony.  Full details of the unprecedented reason for the award are below!  (Image Source)

A big day in the KHL today, as the league’s Board of Directors met to discuss the season just finished, and look ahead to 2018-19.  And not only that — the BoD meeting was followed by the traditional Awards Ceremony that formally closed the 2017-18 KHL season.  Read on, for quick write-ups of both events!

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KHL Goaltending Last Season and Next: The West Conference (Updated)


Ilya Sorokin takes to the ice for CSKA Moscow. (Image Source)

Time to take a look back at the 2017-18 KHL season, and in particularly at what the goalies and defences of the league’s teams got up to!  Which defence groups were being bailed out by their goalies, and which blueliners were doing the bailing?  Today we start with the West Conference clubs, and we will also be glancing ahead to 2018-19, and the netminding tandems that are taking shape amongst the various teams.  Read on, for there will be charts and the like…


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