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Finals Week, and Other Notes


Newly-appointed Russian men’s national team coach Ilya Vorobyov. (Image Source)

This is a bit of a “tidying-up” sort of post; it includes updates on all of the various league Finals going on or starting this week, as well as some news from the FHR and previews of imminent international hockey attractions.  So read on, as we go all over the place!

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Guest Post: Board of Directors


(Image Source)

Once again, I am very happy to turn the blog over to Tomáš Vorčák (@vorkywh24 on Twitter), who has been keeping a close eye on developments regarding the KHL’s new strategic plan, unveiled about ten months ago.  Mr. Vorčák’s last article was in December, and now he is back to talk about this week’s meeting of the KHL Board of Directors.  I gave a very fast update on the meeting on Wednesday, and now Mr. Vorčák has some more in-depth analysis of the situation, and some very interesting notes on how the Board functions.  Read on!

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The KHL in 2018-19


KHL President Dmitry Chernyshenko. (Image Source)

The KHL’s new strategic plan, unveiled last year, got its first big test today, as the League’s Board of Governors met to determine, among the other things, the composition of the league for the coming season and the details of the salary cap.  A full recap of what was decided can be seen at the league website, but read on here for a quick discussion of the main points.

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