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It Lives!

The Russian hockey map that I did a couple of seasons is back up and functioning (or is at least in a somewhat presentable form), and you can get to it via the link on the bar above (next to “Russian Hockey on Social Media,” which I also encourage you to check out), which will take to the map and a few explanatory notes.  The map by itself is viewable here.  More to come — I still have leagues to add to it, and there will doubtless be some changes over the course of this off-season.  Enjoy!


Links, and Many of Them!


You will notice a new link on the bar at the top of this page!  It’s a project I’ve been poking at for some time, and finally got finished, namely a list of links to the websites and social media accounts of various Russian hockey entities (leagues, associations, and teams)!  Some notes:

  • Teams are mostly listed in the leagues in which they competed in 2017-18, but Lada, Ugra, and HK Tambov have been moved to the VHL table, as they are expected to compete in that league in 2018-19.  Other such changes will be made as we get official league rosters for next season.
  • Over the summer, I will also be adding the teams from the Asia League and the amateur League of Women’s Hockey, and perhaps some other things as well (major media sites and the like).
  • Links to websites are to the the “top-level” site for that team or organization, whatever language it may be in (usually but not always Russian).  Links to versions of the site in other languages are included.  Links to social media accounts are in the language indicated.
  • Sites and accounts that have not posted new material since December 31st, 2017, are not included.
  • I will be checking this and updating it regularly, but if you can fill any of the gaps on these tables, or spot any errors, please do let me know via the comments (here or at the page itself) or by e-mail (

This and That (Updated)


Players and staff from the Ural State Mining University celebrate winning the 2017-18 championship of the Student Hockey League.  (Image Source)

I think we will take this evening to get caught up on a few things going on in the world of Russian hockey right now!  The past few days have seen some interesting coaching news in a couple of different leagues, as well as some tidings relating to the 2018-19 KHL goaltending picture (we were just talking about that, too!).  Read on, for those stories and a few others!

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Dynamo Take the Petrov Cup


Dynamo St. Petersburg hoist the Petrov Cup!  (Image Source)

Domestic Russian hockey spent most of this week handing out championship trophies in various leagues, and on Friday it was the turn of the VHL, the country’s second-tier men’s league.  The Petrov Cup Final featured an all-St. Petersburg cast of teams, as Dynamo took on SKA-Neva.  In today’s Game 6 of the Final, a close-fought 1-1 tie was broken late by Dynamo’s Dmitry Molodtsov, who scored to give his team a 2-1 victory and secure them the title by four games to two.  Read on!


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Finals Week, and Other Notes


Newly-appointed Russian men’s national team coach Ilya Vorobyov. (Image Source)

This is a bit of a “tidying-up” sort of post; it includes updates on all of the various league Finals going on or starting this week, as well as some news from the FHR and previews of imminent international hockey attractions.  So read on, as we go all over the place!

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The Banks of the Neva (Updated)


Dynamo St. Petersburg’s Alexander Kulagin (#82) fights through the chaos in front of the Zauralye Kurgan net in search of yet another goal.  (Image Source)

The 2017-18 Petrov Cup Final, in the VHL (Russia’s second-tier men’s professional league) will be an all-St. Petersburg affair!  Local teams Dynamo and SKA-Neva, the top two seeds coming into the post-season, have duly made their way to the championship round.  Read on, for a quick look back at the semifinal round, and ahead to the Final!

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The VHL Semifinals (and a note on a tragedy)


Goalie Ilyas Gafiullin receives congratulations from team-mate Denis Sander after Zauralye Kurgan eliminated Yermak Angarsk in the second round of the VHL playoffs. (Image Source)


First of all, and before we begin, a very sad note.  Yesterday brought dreadful news for residents of the city of Kemerovo, in Siberia 200 km. north of Novokuznetsk.  A fire broke out in a shopping mall complex in the city, killing at least 64 people — many of them children — with the death toll almost certain to rise significantly.  The cause of the blaze remains under investigation.  I would take this opportunity to extend all sympathies and condolences to the victims of the fire and to their families and friends.  Just an awful event, and thoughts and prayers are with the people of Kemerovo.


Read on, for hockey matters.

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Eight Teams Standing in the VHL


Goalie Andrei Litvinov guards the Metallurg Novokuznetsk net during their first-round series against Saryarka Karaganda.  And he guarded it very well indeed when the chips were down!  (Image Source)

The junior MHL playoffs, which we looked at yesterday, are just getting underway, but in the VHL (Russia’s second-tier men’s pro league), the first round of the quest for the Petrov Cup wrapped up on Friday.  And it featured some very interesting performances, including a tremendous upset achieved under the most dramatic circumstances!  So read on, for looks back at the first round and ahead to the second.

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Wrapping up the VHL Regular Season


Jubilation for the players of Molot-Prikamye Perm on Monday evening!  (Image Source)

While most of the attention, at this blog and elsewhere, is on the doings of the national teams at the Olympics, domestic hockey in Russia is still going on.  The 2017-18 regular season of the VHL (Russia’s second-tier men’s pro league), came to a dramatic end on Monday, as Molot-Prikamye Perm needed all three points from their final game, on the road against Bars Kazan, to snatch the final playoff spot away from Rubin Tyumen.  They got those points, as well, clinging on like grim death for a 2-1 victory despite taking a penalty in the last two minutes.  Read on, for a look at the first round matchup, and a quick recap of the VHL regular season.

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Down in the Minors: the VHL and PVHL in 2017-18


Dynamo Balashikha celebrate their Bratina Cup championship in the spring of 2017.  In an interesting twist, neither team nor trophy will return to the VHL for 2017-18.  (Image Source)

The VHL (Высшая хоккейная лига — “Vysshaya Khokkeinaya Liga” or “Supreme Hockey League”) is, despite its name, the second-highest level of professional men’s hockey in Russia, and is basically the country’s equivalent of the North American AHL.  Indeed, it includes farm teams from a number of KHL sides, although there are independent VHL teams as well.  The 2017-18 VHL campaign began earlier this month; read on, as we set the scene and talk about the league in this coming season.

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