Recapping the U18 Women’s Worlds

Russian goalie Darya Gredzen, a major story at this year’s U18 Women’s Worlds, turns away Canada’s Maggie MacEachern during the tournament semifinal. (Image Source)

We’re back, and there is much to catch up on! Let us start with the U18 Women’s World Championship, which wrapped up in Obihiro, Japan, this past weekend. As the 2018 tournament had done, this one saw Team Russia play some excellent hockey at times, and produce some encouraging results, but come away empty-handed at the end. Read on, for a quick recap of Russia’s tournament, and some thoughts.

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Blog Note

I know I owe you some blog posts on various topics. However, lack of time, and an upcoming bit of travel have been interfering with things, so we’re on a bit of hiatus at the moment. I’ll return middle of next week, and there will be posts, I promise!

Team Russia at the 2019 U18 Women’s Worlds

(Image Source)

It was a year ago, almost exactly, that the Russian women’s U18 team recorded the most famous victory in the program’s history, a 3-2 win over Canada in the opening game of the first ever Russian-hosted women’s world championship. That tournament would end in disappointment and a fourth-place finish, but it was a sure sign of progress nonetheless. So what can the team manage for an encore, when the 2019 U18 Women’s Worlds opens tomorrow in Obihiro, Japan? Well, read on for a look at the roster, and some thoughts.

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So Far, So Good

Team Russia prepares to face Czechia in their second World Juniors game. (Image Source)

Happy New Year to all! The 2019 World Juniors tournament, taking place in British Columbia this time, is through its round-robin stage and the knockout games get rolling this evening. How has it gone for Team Russia? Well, the post title contains a clue as to the answer to that question; read on, as we take a look at their four first-round games, and think some overall thoughts about their tournament to this point.

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Team Russia at the 2019 World Juniors (Updated)

Coach Valery Bragin goes over some tactics with his young charges prior to Team Russia’s first game on Thursday. (Image Source)

The 2019 World Juniors are upon us! The tournament, hosted this winter in the Canadian cities of Vancouver and Victoria, opens this evening, so definitely time to cast the eye over Team Russia’s roster and prospects for the event. The Russian lineup currently includes 25 players, 21 of whom are “for sure” for the tournament (23 is the maximum roster size, so Russia is keeping a couple of slots open in case of injury). Read on, as we take a look at those 25 players!

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Another International Roundup!

The Gazprom Arena in St. Petersburg, as Russia prepare to take on Finland in last week’s Channel One Cup. (Image Source)

Just a month ago, we were checking in with a whole slate of international tournaments involving various Russian national teams, and here as the Christmases — not to mention the World Championship season — approach it is time to do the same again. This week or so has seen six Russian national sides get some tournament play in; read on, as we take a look at how they all did!

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Women’s Hockey Update: December 17th, 2018

The Russian Under-18 women’s national team prepares to take on Finland in Stupino this past weekend. (Image Source)

Lots to cover in this update, as we look back on a weekend of international hockey, along with a number of games in the amateur Russian women’s league!  It was mixed fortunes for the Russian “B” national team and the U18 side in their tournaments, but some history was made in the League of Women’s Hockey — read on!  

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Selected Quotes of Anatoly Vladimirovich Tarasov

Anatoly Tarasov’s daughter Tatyana, herself a renowned figure-skating coach, looks at her father’s statue outside the CSKA Ice Palace earlier today.  (Image Source)

Today, December 10th, 2018, was a famous anniversary for followers of Russian hockey: it was 100 years ago today that the late Anatoly Vladimirovich Tarasov (1918-1995) was born.  It was Tarasov, revered as the “Father of Russian Hockey” for his work as coach of the Central Red Army team (CSKA Moscow) and the Soviet national side beginning in the late 1950s, who built Soviet hockey into the game of spectacular passing, intricate teamwork, and devastating speed that became its trademarks.  His 100th birthday was marked by a number of ceremonies and festivities, including the unveiling of a statue outside CSKA’s old arena on Leningradsky avenue (a venue to which the team itself had returned, in vintage uniforms, for a KHL game against Avangard Omsk last Thursday).  Moscow’s Sports Department also announced the re-naming of the city’s Megasport Arena in Tarasov’s honour, and there have been a number of special exhibitions devoted to him this autumn.  As anniversaries go, this was a big one in the Russian hockey world — reasonably so, too.  And read on, as we hear from the man in his own words!  

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Women’s Hockey Update: December 6th, 2018

Team Russia with the Buffalo Beauts at the conclusion of their four-game series on Tuesday.  (Image Source)

This update is all about the international play!  With the Women’s Hockey Hockey league on break for now (games resume on December 18th), two Russian women’s national teams headed out on their adventures this past week.  Usually, that means the senior team and the U18 team, but this time there was a twist; both teams were of the senior variety, as we got our first look at a Russian women’s “B” national team.  Read on for recaps of how both teams did!  

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Halfway Home

CSKA Moscow’s second quarter of the 2018-19 KHL season, summed up in one photo!  CSKA took 28 of a possible 30 points in Q2.  (Image Source)

Every single KHL team is now at least halfway through its 62-game 2018-19 regular-season schedule, and so it is time to check in briefly with how everyone is doing.  A few weeks ago, we looked at the pts%  for each team in its first quarter of the season (Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg, my goodness!), and now we will do the same for each club’s passage through games 17-31.  Read on!

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