Women’s Hockey Update: Oct. 25th, 2016


Arktik-Universitet Ukhta’s Hungarian forward Alexandra Husak. (Image Source)

Time for another update on Russian women’s hockey, and the last few days have seen some exciting games, and some interesting developments, in the Women’s Hockey League.  So read on for that, and also for a story about a kitten!

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A Walk Through the KHL: October 24th, 2017


Goalmouth action between Metallurg Novokuznetsk (in red) and CSKA Moscow this past Saturday.  Sadly, the hockey news out of Novokuznetsk was not good this week… (Image Source)

Time for another stroll through what each of the KHL teams has been up to over the last week (previous edition is here), but we unfortunately must start with from rather unpleasant financial news from the eastern part of the league.  Read on…

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Players of Interest Update: Oct. 20th, 2016


Adam Polášek representing his country, a thing he will do again in early November!  (Image Source)

An interesting week on a number of levels four six players of interest… except for the one who had a very quiet and restful time of it indeed!  For the others, there were ups and downs, dark clouds and silver linings, and everything in between.  Read on!

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Women’s Hockey Update: Oct. 18th, 2016


Biryusa Krasnoyarsk players await the start of a recent Women’s Hockey League game. (Image Source)

This week’s update is mostly about the Women’s Hockey League, which saw all but one of its teams in action over the last few days.  The defending champions of that circuit are starting to close the gap on top once again… read on!

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A Walk Through the KHL: October 17th, 2016


Lada Tolyatti’s Nikita Filatov (#28) in recent action against Amur Khabarovsk (Image Source).

And herewith we start a new weekly thing here at the blog, as I attempt to find interesting and feasible ways to keep you more-or-less caught up on KHL news.  My plan is, every Monday, to present you with one very short comment or news item or thought or random collection of words relating to each of the league’s 29 teams.

Read on, for the first edition of this new project!

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Players of Interest Update: Oct. 13th, 2016

Time to check in again with our six players whom we’re watching especially closely this season!  Our young goalie (see video above) is writing one of the 2016-17 season’s most enthralling stories, while for the rest, fortunes are varied indeed.  Read on!

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Women’s Hockey Update: Oct. 12th, 2016


Valeriya Tarakanova makes a save for SKIF Nizhny Novgorod during a Women’s Hockey League game last week against Agidel Ufa. (Image Source)

A day late, due to some holiday travel this past weekend, but here we are with this week’s update on the Russian women’s hockey scene!  And the delay actually works out well, since it allows to get the full story on the latest round of Women’s Hockey League games.  So read on for that tale, the latest results for the Russian Under-18 girls’ team, and some news from the amateur game.  Also an interesting historical note…

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Players of Interest Update: Oct. 7th, 2016

It was, in fact, a decent week for all six of our players of particular interest this time around…  with one enormous “however” mixed in.  That ominous qualifier?  The fact that five of them are on teams that are struggling, were struggling, or have struggled, and you can probably work in a few other tenses of that verb as well (“are going to be about to have struggled?”).  For a certain young goalie, though, everything is coming up roses — read on!

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Igor Shestyorkin shuts the door.  (Image Source)

Our regular update on the six “Players of Interest” will happen tomorrow, but here’s a bit of a spoiler: Igor Shestyorkin is having a heck of a run.  Two shutouts this week, making three straight overall, and today’s came against CSKA.  A pretty good week, and he seems to be unquestionably SKA’s starting goalie at the moment.  More tomorrow!

Women’s Hockey Update: Oct. 4, 2016


Last Thursday’s battle between Team Russia and the Connecticut Whale was a fierce one at times! (Image Source)

With the most recent set of international games now in the rear-view mirror, the focus of Russian women’s hockey returned to league play this week.  That news, plus a recap of the end of the national team’s visit to the NWHL is ahead, so read on!

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