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Women’s Hockey Update: July 17th, 2017

Clips and Comments from one of Agidel Ufa’s early training camp sessions last week.

As the Women’s Hockey League teams, and the Russian women’s national team, get down to on-ice business for the upcoming season, I thought it might be worthwhile to take a look at the league’s coaches.  So read on, for a team-by-team look at the people behind the benches, and for a pieces of news from the last week-and-a-bit.

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Women’s Hockey Update: July 6th, 2017

Dynamo St. Petersburg players impart some wisdom at a children’s hockey master-class in April of this year.

They’re back!  Women’s Hockey League teams are heading back to training camps this week (most of them, anyway — SKIF Nizhny Novgorod got their 2017-18 preparations underway with a dry-land camp back in mid-June).  Read on, therefore, as we get caught up on the league’s news of the last couple of weeks, including among other items a most promising young goalie on the move, and the potential return to action of a league star!

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Women’s Hockey Update: June 12th, 2017


Anna Shokhina receives the Women’s Hockey League’s 2016-17 Best Player award from former USSR national teamer Alexander Yakushev.  (Image Source)

After a fairly quiet stretch going back to mid-May, it is time for another women’s hockey update!  The 2017-18 women’s hockey picture in Russia is becoming clearer, largely as a result of some meetings involving Women’s Hockey League and Russian Hockey Federation executives.  Read on, then, for news of a league format change, some notes on the upcoming international season, and other such matters.

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Decision Day


The KHL prepares for the 2016-17 Awards Ceremony.  Before that, however, there was momentous news from the league itself…  (Image Source)

It might be necessary to make some unpopular decisions,” said KHL President Dmitry Chernyshenko yesterday, after a meeting of the Council for the Development of Physical Culture and Sport.  Today, the league’s own Board of Directors met, and some thunderous decisions were indeed made — popular or unpopular, depending on one’s point of view.  Read on, for a quick and preliminary look at those, and also some news of the KHL’s annual awards ceremony, which also happened today!

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Women’s Hockey Update: May 19th, 2017


The Oka River (left) meets the Volga at Nizhny Novgorod, which was announced today as the host city of the 2018 IIHF Under-18 Women’s World Championship.  (Image Source)

Much news this week in Russian women’s hockey, starting with some very exciting tidings on the international hockey scene!  Read on, however, as we also have the conclusion to the amateur women’s hockey season in Russia, transfers news, and other such items (including an update on a kitten…).

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Women’s Hockey Update: May 10th, 2017



Grad-1 Moscow celebrate winning the inaugural Russian amateur women’s hockey championship, in May of 2016.  (Image Source)

There remains one piece of on-ice business to be settled before the 2016-17 Russian women’s hockey season can be declared fully finished.  That is the national championship of the League of Women’s Hockey, the country’s amateur women’s league.  That tournament, the second in the competition’s history, begins tomorrow in Sochi on the Black Sea Coast, as part of the overall Russian amateur hockey national festivities.  Read on, for a quick look at that tournament, including some familiar names from the past…

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Gold at the Euros!


Team Russia players after receiving their gold medals at the Under-16 Girls’ Euros on Sunday.  (Image Source)

As we mentioned last time, this past weekend saw the first-ever Under-16 Girls’ European Championship, with Budapest, Hungary, as the inaugural host city.  Team Russia was in attendance, and… well, you can probably figure out from the picture above how it all went.  Read on, then, for a recap of Russia’s gold-medal campaign at the new tournament!

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Women’s Hockey Update: April 26th, 2017


Defender Yelena Provorova scores Russia’s winner in the bronze-medal game at the 2017 U18 Women’s Worlds.  Provorova will captain her country’s first-ever U16 Girls’ team, starting tomorrow.  (Image Source)

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a new era in international women’s hockey, with the opening the first IIHF-sanctioned national team tournament at the U16 Girls’ level!  Read on, for a look at Russia’s roster at that tournament, and some other notes as well.

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A Step Back?


Alevtina Shtaryova watches as a Russian scoring chance is foiled by Germany’s Jennifer Harß during quarterfinal action on Tuesday. (Image Source)

Russia’s run at the 2017 Women’s World Championship in Michigan came to an end today, without a medal and a day earlier than was hoped-for.  What happened, and what can we take away from what must be considered a disappointing tournament?  Read on…

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To the Quarterfinals at the Women’s Worlds


Team Russia captain Olga Sosina in action today against Canada. (Image Source)

Hockey can be an insular, insulating, and insulated thing — and sometimes that is no bad thing — but events away from the rink do intrude on occasion, and so it was today.  It was, without doubt, a heavy-hearted group of Russian players that took the ice, black armbands prominent on their sweaters, to face Team Canada in their third Group A match at the 2017 Women’s World Championship in Michigan.  And I would like to take this opportunity to pass on my own condolences, thoughts, and prayers to the victims and their friends and families, and to the city of St. Petersburg, after the terrorist attack on the city’s metro earlier today.

Read on, for a recap of Team Russia’s group stage games at the Women’s Worlds.

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