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Weekly Russian Hockey News Notes: October 5th, 2015


Sergei Gonchar at the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City. (Image Source)

It was a fairly active week in the Russian hockey world, so there is lots to get through.  In particular, with NHL training camps wrapping up, we will check in with how some of the Russian and ex-KHL contingent are doing.  We’ll also take a look at some international women’s hockey, and of course the usual round-up of KHL stories.  Read on!

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KHL Attendance Musings: Autumn Edition


Minsk-Arena — the KHL’s biggest building — on a winter’s evening. (Image Source)

We are at about the quarter-pole of the 2015-16 KHL season (What?  Already?  Yes, already.), and that is as convenient a point as any to take our first look at the league’s attendance numbers.  So read on, as we discover — among other things — which is the only KHL club with perfect attendance this year, who is close behind them, and which clubs are so far from that mark that they can but dream of it at this point!

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