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To the Medal Round at the Worlds!


Russia’s head coach, Oleg Znarok, appeared in good humour as his team arrived in Paris today for Thursday’s Worlds quarterfinal.  (Image Source)

When last we checked in the Russian national team at the IIHF 2017 Men’s World Championship, coach Oleg Znarok had his squad at 3-0, but had lost — at least temporarily — the services of captain Sergei Mozyakin (German forwardPatrick Hager, who had injured Mozyakin, was given a two-game suspension for the incident).  So how have things gone for Team Russia since then?  Well, read on…

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Team Russia at the 2017 Men’s Worlds


Team Russia prepares for the 2017 Worlds. (Image Source)

Friday marks the beginning of the 2017 IIHF Men’s World Championship, the tournament being jointly hosted this time around by France and Germany.  Russia is coming off a bronze-medal performance at home at last year’s Worlds, and last won gold in 2014 in Minsk.  Read on, for a look at the roster that will try to recreate that year’s success in 2017!

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Playoff Updates!

In which the puck goes from the Metallurg Magnitogorsk goal-line to the back of the Ak Bars Kazan net in three seconds, courtesy of Mister Lee and Mister Moyzakin.

The KHL’s Conference Finals are now well underway, and producing some interesting storylines to follow!  Read on, as we take a quick look at those, and get you caught up on playoff happenings in a number of other leagues as well.

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Guest Post: The Future of Youth Hockey in Russia

First day of training for children at KHL club Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg’s hockey school.

I am very happy to welcome again Tomáš Vorčák, from whom we heard recently on the subject of the KHL and the European Champions Cup tournament.  This time, Mr. Vorčák is looking into plans for revitalization of Russia’s national programs for hockey development at the youth level; it is interesting stuff, so read on!

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Doubling Up


Team Russia goalie Ilya Andryukhov receives his gold medal (and stuffed animal!) after Russia’s victory in the 2017 Winter Universiade gold medal game today.  (Image Source)

Two days after the women’s team collected their gold medal, the men’s side made it two-for-two for Russia at the 2017 Winter Universiade in Almaty today.  Team Russia breezed through their opening round, but faced stiffer competition once the semifinal arrived.  Read on, for a full account!

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Igor Shestyorkin shuts the door.  (Image Source)

Our regular update on the six “Players of Interest” will happen tomorrow, but here’s a bit of a spoiler: Igor Shestyorkin is having a heck of a run.  Two shutouts this week, making three straight overall, and today’s came against CSKA.  A pretty good week, and he seems to be unquestionably SKA’s starting goalie at the moment.  More tomorrow!

Women’s Hockey Update: Sept. 6th, 2016


Agidel Ufa’s Olga Sosina (in white) battles Lyudmila Belyakova of Tornado Moscow Oblast. (Image Source)

Three games into a 36-game schedule is a little early to find oneself in a must-win situation, but that was not far from what faced Agidel Ufa on Tuesday.  Last year’s runners-up had dropped their first two games against title rivals Tornado Moscow Oblast, and a third loss would see them in a deep hole to start the season.  How did they do?  Read on, for that and some other notes.

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Persons of Interest, 2016-17 Edition.

“Omark ruins the moment?  No, Omark creates a supergoal!”  Linus Omark, by the way, is #67 in green, in case you were in any doubt.

Last August, on a bit of whim, I picked six players to follow particularly closely through the 2015-16 KHL season.  And what a group they turned out to be!  We had Triumph (Ziyat Paigin, Sergei Mozyakin), Tragedy (Olli Palola), and just about everything in between.  And so the exercise will be repeated; read on, for the 2016-17 list!

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Avangard Omsk Oblast in 2016-17


Avangard’s Arena Omsk, boasting one of the more imposing facades in the KHL!  (Image Source)

An odd summer in Omsk; not only has there been an ongoing saga with one of their best players (more on this below), but the team has already switched coaches, bringing in Fyodor Kanareikin to replace Yevgeny Kornoukhov just ten days ago.  Even with all that, however, I have them as champions of the East Conference this season; the “how” and the “why” are below, so read on…

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Sibir Novosibirsk Oblast in 2016-17


Sibir Ice Sports Palace, Novosibirsk. (Image Source)

Sibir recorded their first-ever playoff series win in the Spring of 2014, but since then have made at least the second round in three straight seasons and established themselves as one of the best teams in the East (this despite several occurrences of the dreaded financial difficulties).  Can they keep it up?  Read on…

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