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Olympic Update: February 25th, 2017


Russian players celebrate Kirill Kaprizov’s overtime gold-medal-winning goal.  (Image Source)

Well, that was a classic, wasn’t it!  The Russian and German teams came together in Sunday’s gold medal game at the 2018 Olympics, and by the time it was done, nails had been bitten, hairs had turned gray, and nerves had frayed and frayed again.  Anyone who still felt that the men’s hockey tournament at these Games would lack intrigue, interest, or drama in the absence of the NHL stars must surely, surely, have finally changed their mind after that one.  It was a tremendous game, so read on for a recap, and a quick look at the question of what comes next.

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Olympic Update: February 24th, 2018


Russian men’s team Head Coach Oleg Znarok keeps an eye on his players during their last pre-gold-medal-game practice in South Korea.  (Image Source)

We are not far from the gold medal game of the men’s 2018 Olympic hockey tournament, and the Russian team is indeed involved, as I’m sure you know.  What follows here is by way of a quick catch-up post to bring everybody up to date on how we got to this point, and we will also take a very short look back at the end of the Russian women’s team’s tournament in the bronze medal game against Finland last week.  Read on…

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Olympic Update: February 19th, 2018


Valeriya Tarkanova gets her blocker to a Canadian shot during Monday’s Olympic semifinal, while Melodie Daoust lurks in the vicinity.  (Image Source)

On Monday, for the first time ever, the Russian women’s national team played an Olympic hockey semi-final, with the powerhouse Canadian side as the opponent.  These two teams have already met, of course, in the group stage at the 2018 Games, and on that occasion Canada emerged with a 5-0 victory and a 48-18 shot advantage.  So it was going to be very hard sledding indeed for the Russian side.  How did it go?  Read on…

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Olympic Update: February 17th, 2018


Viktoriya Kulishova (#73, seated) celebrates with team-mates after her goal in the Olympic quarterfinal against Switzerland.  It was a vital tally, and in a massive game.  (Image Source)

Saturday was a busy day for the Russian hockey teams in South Korea; for the first time at the 2018 Games, both the men’s and women’s sides were in action on the same day.  And for both it turned out to be a very pleasant Saturday indeed!  Read on, therefore, for a couple of match recaps and some associated notes and quotes.

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Olympic Update: February 16th, 2018


Kirill Kaprizov (#77) celebrates a goal with line-mates Nikita Gusev and Pavel Datsyuk (#13) during Friday’s game against Slovenia.  And it was the only such celebration… (Image Source)

The Russian men’s team headed into their second round-robin game on Friday with an unexpected 0-1 record, having dropped their opener 3-2 to Slovakia.  Next on the schedule was Slovenia, and… well, the ship got itself righted in a fairly big way!  Read on, for a recap of that game, and a quick note on the women’s team’s quarterfinal against Switzerland, which is now over.  A full recap of that game will be along here on Saturday.

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Olympic Update: February 14th, 2018


Pavel Datsyuk (#13) works against Slovakia’s Marek Ďaloga during Wednesday’s Olympic opener for both teams.  (Image Source)

Well, the 2018 Olympic men’s hockey tournament got off to a wild start today!  Not only did both the Russian and American teams drop their opening Group B matches, they did so by blowing two-goal leads against relatively unheralded opposition.  The U.S. team was defeated 3-2 by Slovenia, in overtime, while Oleg Znarok’s Russian side was up-ended by the same score against Slovakia.  It was a sudden cold shower not only for the two beaten teams, but also for those who claimed that the men’s tournament would lack excitement in the absence of the NHLers.  Read on, for what happened to the Russian team in today’s game, and some related notes and quotes.

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Olympic Update: February 13th, 2018


Team captain Olga Sosina eyes a passing lane against Kali Flanagan of the U.S.A. during Group A Olympic action on Tuesday. (Image Source)

The Russian women’s hockey team at the 2018 Olympic Games played its second group game today, after dropping their opener 5-0 to Canada.  Read on, therefore, for a recap of today’s encounter with the Americans, along with some notes and quotes!

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The Russian Men’s Team at the Olympics


Left to right: Pavel Datsyuk, Oleg Znarok, Ilya Kovalchuk, and Sergei Mozyakin during the taking of the official Olympic team photo!  (Image Source)

With no game for the Russian women’s team today, and the men’s tournament set to start on Wednesday, this seems the perfect opportunity to leap in and take a close look at the lineup that Head Coach Oleg Znarok has put together for the Russian men’s side.  Of course, with the NHL sitting out these Games, the KHL was the top league to draw from when Olympic rosters were being drawn up.  And that means that it is Team Russia that enters the tournament as the overwhelming favourites.  So who has been entrusted with the task at hand, and can they do it?  Read on…

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Olympic Update: February 11th, 2018


The Russian bench looks on during Sunday’s Olympic opener against Canada. (Image Source)

The women’s Olympic hockey tournament is underway (it actually commenced on Saturday), and the Russian side saw its first official action of the Games today.  Read on, for a game recap, along with some notes and quotes!

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The Russian Women’s Team at the Olympics


The Russian women’s national team during pre-Olympic preparation in Khabarovsk in January. (Image Source)

So, after all the turmoil and tension of the past couple of months, the Russian women’s national team — playing as “The Olympic Athletes from Russia,” and I think I need not recap that whole story yet again — will begin its Olympic journey at the Kwandong Hockey Centre on Gangneung, South Korea, on Sunday.  The final roster choices have been made, the lines and pairings seem set, and it is at long last time to play.  Read on, for a look at the lineup!

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