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That Went Well!

At this time yesterday, it had been 24 years since the last time that Team Russia won the Hlinka Gretzky Cup* — seven years longer than any of the players on the current edition of the squad have been alive. But the wait is over for Russia at the summer’s most prestigious international hockey tournament. Coach Sergei Golubovich’s U18 Russian national team defeated Team Canada today in the Final, winning the Hlinka Gretzky Cup for the first time since 1995, and as you can see from the embedded tweet above, the players understood how much it meant. How did they do it, and who stood out in Slovakia and Czechia this past week? Read on…

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Women’s Hockey Update: August 7th, 2019

Dynamo St. Petersburg players out for a run as preparations for the 2019-20 Women’s Hockey League season continue. (Image Source)

This is short update, but the news is big news: we have a 2019-20 Women’s Hockey League Schedule! No particular surprises in it, but there are a few points of interest, and we’ll take a look at those below. And read on also for some details on an upcoming international women’s club tournament, and a look at how things went today for the Russian U18 women’s national team, who were in game action in Calgary!

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Team Russia at the 2019 Hlinka Gretzky Cup

Russian goalie Yaroslav Askarov will be one of the most-watched players at the 2019 Hlinka Gretzky Cup. (Image Source)

The 2019-20 under-18 men’s international hockey season gets underway on Monday in Břeclav, Czechia, and Piešťany, Slovakia, with the opening games of the annual Hlinka Gretzky Cup! It’s a major tournament, and a famous one; although most of the eight teams will experiment with their rosters a bit as they being preparations for next spring’s U18 Worlds, the Hlinka Gretzky Cup also gives us what amounts to a first look at some players who will become household names before too much longer. Read on, for the Russian roster at this year’s event, and some notes on players to watch!

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A New Era For the Russian Women’s National Team

New Russian senior women’s national team head coach Yevgeni Bobariko. (Image Source)

The summer of 2019 is turning into a significant one for the Russian national hockey program. Already we have seen a new head coach appointed to the senior men’s national team, and now a change behind the bench has come to the senior women’s side as well. Gone after three seasons in charge is Alexei Chistyakov, and his replacement, promoted from the head-coaching job of the U18 and U16 women’s teams, is Yevgeni Bobariko. Read on, for some notes and thoughts…

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Women’s Hockey Update: July 24th, 2019 (Updated!)

A pleasant shade-break during dry-land training for Agidel Ufa players, as they prepare to defend their Women’s Hockey League championship in 2019-20. (Image Source)

Things are getting busier on the Russian women’s hockey scene, as the 2019-20 season approaches! In this update we have all kinds of news from the last ten days or so, including confirmation of the Women’s Hockey League team-list for this coming season, some players switching clubs, pre-season game news, and even a new logo in the league. Plus the U18 international season is getting underway; we have a Team Russia roster for some matches upcoming in a couple of weeks — read on!

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Kudashov Takes Over

At this past May’s World Championship: now-former Russian national team and SKA St. Petersburg coach Ilya Vorobyov (left) and his successor Alexei Kudashov. (Image Source)

The Russian men’s national team took bronze at the recent World Championship, a result that, given the strength of the team’s roster, could be viewed as disappointing. It certainly caused some speculation (including my own), on the future of head coach Ilya Vorobyov. And, though the Russian Hockey Federation took a patient line at the time, it has now decided to make a change. As of earlier today, Vorobyov is out, both at the national team and at the KHL’s SKA St. Petersburg, and will be replaced by his former assistant Alexei Kudashov. Read on, for some notes and thoughts!

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On the Podium, But…

Team Russia after collecting their bronze medals on Sunday. (Image Source)

It has been a remarkable ending to the 2019 Men’s World Championship in Slovakia! Team Finland, with no full-time NHLers on its roster, made its way past Sweden, Russia, and then Canada in the medal-round to claim an astonishing gold medal in a tournament that nobody gave them a chance to win just a couple of weeks ago. However, for Team Russia, Finland’s semifinal victims, Sunday was a more subdued day — much was expected of the Russian side, but in the end the medals that they won were bronze. Read on, for a look back at Russia’s fortunes in the medal round, and some thoughts on their tournament as a whole.

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Miles Still to Go

Russia closes out the group stage of the 2019 Men’s World Championship with a massive second-period performance against Sweden.

We are through the group stage at the 2019 Men’s World Championship, and to this point Team Russia has fully met the high expectations incurred by their very strong roster. The preliminary games have seen few grounds for complaint (not none, mind you, but few), and it is no stretch to say that the Russians have been the best group on the ice in Slovakia over the past couple of weeks. However, all that means nothing now — the medal round and its knockout games await, and the hard work is still to be done. Read on, for a quick look back at the preliminary round, and a peek ahead to the quarterfinal.

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Team Russia at the 2019 World Championship (Updated)

NHL scoring champion Nikita Kucherov in action for Russia this past week. (Image Source)

We sit now less than two days from the opening of the last big on-ice event of the 2018-19 hockey season: the 2019 IIHF Men’s World Championship, to be held in the Slovakian cities of Bratislava and Košice. Team Russia will be based in the former city, the nation’s capital, for the group stage, and circumstances in the NHL have gifted them one of the strongest rosters, particularly at forward, that the country has enjoyed at any recent World Championship. Read on, for a look at the group that will seek to break Team Sweden’s two-year grip on the gold medal!

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Gold at the Euros, Again!

(Image Source)

Team Russia finished up a successful trip to the U16 Girls’ European Cup in Příbram, Czechia, yesterday, winning the gold medal 3-0 over defending champions Finland! For Russia, it is the second European Cup win in the tournament’s three-hear history; the Russian U16s also won the inaugural European Cup in 2017 before taking home the bronze medal in 2018. YOu can see the Russian roster for the 2019 tournament here, and read on for a recap of the competition itself!

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