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Two Russian WNTs Head into Action

The Russian senior ‘B’ women’s national team (in white) and the Under-18 squad got together for a training game earlier this month (the youngsters won it, too!). (Image Source)

For approximately the next month, international hockey will dominate the headlines, as tournaments like the, U18 Women’s World Championship, and World Juniors take place (not to mention the wonderful Spengler Cup tournament). And things are already starting up in that regard, so the next few days around here will be given over to a look at some Russian national-team rosters. Today, we start with a couple of teams in the women’s national program, as the U18s prepare for a four-nations pre-Worlds tournament in Sweden, and the senior national ‘B’ team gets set for a six-nations event on the Black Sea coast. Read on!

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Team Russia at the 2019 Karjala Cup

Nikita Soshnikov with a shot as Russia opened their 2019 Karjala Cup tournament schedulte earlier today. (Image Source)

The first leg of the senior men’s 2019 Euro Hockey Tour, the Karjala Cup, began today in Finland, Team Russia opening with a 4-3 loss to the hosts. It’s always interesting to see the rosters selected for this tournament, and this year’s edition is no exception — read on, as we take a peek at a Russian squad that has left some of its top players at home and given opportunities to some guys still looking to break through to the national team full-time.

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U20s on Tour

Forward Alexander Khovanov had a spectacular start to the 2019 Canada-Russia Series.  (Image Source)

We embark this week upon one of the busiest international periods of the hockey year outside of the actual World Championships. Late last week we talked about the Russian women’s national-team roster for their tournament, which starts tomorrow, and now we turn our attention to the under-20 men’s teams. “Teams,” plural? Yes, there are two such Russian national squads in action this week — read on, to find out what they’re up to, and who’s on their rosters!

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Women’s Five-Nations in Dmitrov Starts Next Week!

SK Sverdlovsk Oblast’s Nadezhda Volf (in white) battles Tornado’s Mariya Batalova (now with Agidel) during a 2018 game. Both are on the Russian national team roster for next week’s tournament in Dmitrov. (Image Source)

I wondered aloud, in our recent look at the SK Sverdlovsk Oblast of the Women’s Hockey League, how long it would be before young defender Nadezhda Volf, recently graduated from Russian U18 national program, got a look with the senior national team. Not long, as it turns out! Volf has been called to the senior squad for the Five-Nations tournament beginning next week in Dmitrov, just north of Moscow, and will look to make her senior international debut. Read on, for a quick look at the tournament itself, and at the rest of Team Russia’s roster!

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Hockey Comes (Back) to Uzbekistan

Semurg Tashkent celebrate winning the inaugural Hockey Championship of Uzbekistan in early 2019. (Image Source)

This past week was a big one in the halls of the International Ice Hockey Federation, as the world hockey body admitted five new members, bringing total IIHF membership to 81 nations. The new countries are: Algeria, Colombia, Iran, Lebanon, and Uzbekistan, and it’s the fifth name on that list that I particularly want to talk about here. Uzbekistan, the Central Asian nation of 32 million inhabitants, and former constituent Republic of the USSR, has been in the hockey news a bit this summer, with the Humo Tashkent club joining Russia’s second-tier professional VHL. And now the nation is an IIHF member, which means, among other things, that it has the right to participate in World Championships. Read on, as we talk a bit about the (re-)birth of hockey in Uzbekistan!

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Women’s Hockey Update: September 2nd, 2019

A tense moment in the Agidel Ufa goalmouth against KRS Vanke Rays Shenzhen during last month’s pre-season tournament in Beijing. (Image Source)

We’re into September, and the Women’s Hockey League season is fast approaching! However, before we get to that, and to the team previews for the coming campaign, there are some on-ice doings from August to get caught up on. So read further, as we look at the finishes to a couple of international tournaments, and quickly recap some pre-season club competitions.

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International Women’s Hockey Update: August 23rd, 2019

Players from the Russian U18 women’s national team celebrate a goal at the Hockey Canada Summer Showcase earlier this month. (Image Source)

The late-August Women’s Hockey Update will be a two-parter, as there is a lot of material to get through. You may consider this post as “Part 1,” and we’re going to take a look at some rosters and results for both the senior and U18 Russian women’s national teams. Both have now commenced their 2019-20 campaigns, and we are starting to get a bit of a look at their preparations for their respective World Championships next year. Read on!

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That Went Well!

At this time yesterday, it had been 24 years since the last time that Team Russia won the Hlinka Gretzky Cup* — seven years longer than any of the players on the current edition of the squad have been alive. But the wait is over for Russia at the summer’s most prestigious international hockey tournament. Coach Sergei Golubovich’s U18 Russian national team defeated Team Canada today in the Final, winning the Hlinka Gretzky Cup for the first time since 1995, and as you can see from the embedded tweet above, the players understood how much it meant. How did they do it, and who stood out in Slovakia and Czechia this past week? Read on…

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Women’s Hockey Update: August 7th, 2019

Dynamo St. Petersburg players out for a run as preparations for the 2019-20 Women’s Hockey League season continue. (Image Source)

This is short update, but the news is big news: we have a 2019-20 Women’s Hockey League Schedule! No particular surprises in it, but there are a few points of interest, and we’ll take a look at those below. And read on also for some details on an upcoming international women’s club tournament, and a look at how things went today for the Russian U18 women’s national team, who were in game action in Calgary!

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Team Russia at the 2019 Hlinka Gretzky Cup

Russian goalie Yaroslav Askarov will be one of the most-watched players at the 2019 Hlinka Gretzky Cup. (Image Source)

The 2019-20 under-18 men’s international hockey season gets underway on Monday in Břeclav, Czechia, and Piešťany, Slovakia, with the opening games of the annual Hlinka Gretzky Cup! It’s a major tournament, and a famous one; although most of the eight teams will experiment with their rosters a bit as they being preparations for next spring’s U18 Worlds, the Hlinka Gretzky Cup also gives us what amounts to a first look at some players who will become household names before too much longer. Read on, for the Russian roster at this year’s event, and some notes on players to watch!

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