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Women’s Hockey Update: January 17th, 2018


Women’s Hockey League action earlier this week between Tornado Moscow Oblast (in black) and SK Sverdlovsk Oblast. (Image Source)

With the Under-18 Women’s World Championship finished up, there was a bit of lull — though not a complete one — in the on-ice action this week.  However, that does mean that there was no news at all!  Read on, for recaps of a couple of re-scheduled Women’s Hockey League games, plus a transfer move involving a fairly big-name player.

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Wrapping Up the Under-18 Women’s Worlds


Russia’s Ilona Markova (in white) battles her opposite number, Alexie Guay of Canada, during the bronze medal match at the 2018 Women’s Under-18 World Championship. (Image Source)

The 2018 Women’s Under-18 World Championship came to an end on Saturday in Dmitrov, Russia, as the United States collected its fourth straight gold medal at the event with a 9-3 victory over Sweden.  Not that the Swedes need be embarrassed; the tournament saw them become the first non-North American team to make it to the gold medal game.  As we have mentioned here before, the tournament had earlier seen some history made by Team Russia, who became the first squad from outside North America to beat one of the continent’s two women’s hockey powerhouses.  However, in the end the Russian players may leave their home tournament (the first top-division women’s hockey Worlds held in Russia) with a sense of an opportunity missed, as they dropped the bronze medal match to Canada by a score of 5-1.  Read on, for a recap of how Russia’s tournament ended, and for some thoughts.

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Women’s Hockey Update: January 11th, 2018


The East’s Alexandra Vafina salutes the crowd after the 2018 Women’s Hockey League All-Star Game.  (Image Source)

This is the “non-U18 Women’s Worlds” update for this week; you can check out yesterday’s post for how that tournament is going along!  But read on here for a recap of the Women’s Hockey League All-Star Game, which took place yesterday, and a look at what the senior women’s national team got up to last week.  And there are a few bits and pieces of Olympic news as well.

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U18 Women’s Worlds Update!


Diana Farkhutdinova celebrates as Russia advances to the U18 Women’s Worlds semifinals.  (Image Source)

There are just four teams left standing at the Under-18 Women’s World Championship in Dmitrov, Russia!  The host side, coming off its massive upset of Team Canada last Saturday, are indeed one of them, but there have been some bumps along the way.  Read on, for an update on how Team Russia has been getting along!

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Wrapping Up Russia’s World Juniors


Coach Valery Bragin keeps an eye on the Russian bench during the quarterfinal of the 2017-18 World Juniors. (Image Source)

This past Friday, Canada secured a 17th World Juniors gold medal with an exciting 3-1 victory over Sweden, silver medalists for the 11th time.  A few hours before that, the United States had secured the bronze, the country’s sixth, by beating Czechia 9-3.  However, for Team Russia the tournament was long over by that point; a disappointing quarterfinal exit to the host U.S.A. team meant that Russia’s run of seven straight podium appearances came to an end.  Read on, as the we look at the whys and wherefores.

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What a Day!

Well!  I had intended to take today to write a wrap-up piece on the just-completed World Juniors, which saw the Russian side miss out on the podium for the first time in eight years.  However, sometimes history gets in the way, so that piece will have to wait!  Why?  Because on Saturday, Russia’s Under-18 women’s national team opened the 2018 U18 Worlds, at home in Dmitrov just north of Moscow, with a 3-2 victory over Canada.  It was the first time at this competition that Russia had beaten a North American team — in fact, it was the first time that any team from outside North America had defeated either Canada or the U.S.  Read on, for a look at how it all happened (and above is the video of the entire game)!

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Team Russia at the 2018 Women’s U18 Worlds


The Russian Under-18 Women’s national team for this year’s U18 Worlds!  (Image Source)

Starting tomorrow, for the first time ever Russia will host a top-division women’s hockey world championship, as the 2018 event for the Under-18 age group gets going in Dmitrov, just north of Moscow.  That fact, in and off itself, makes this a momentous event for women’s hockey in the country, even before the first puck is dropped.  But drop it will, so read on for a look at Team Russia’s roster for the tournament!

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A Very Quick Women’s Hockey Update!


Biryusa Krasnoyarsk defender Irina Kuznetsova will be among the Russian national teamers contesting this week’s Nations Cup tournament in Germany.  (Image Source)

As noted, this will be a short piece!  There will be a full post here looking at the Russian roster for the U18 Women’s Worlds, which start in Dmitrov on Saturday, in the next couple of days.

However, there is one bit of news to pass along: the senior Russian women’s national team is in action this week in Germany at the 2018 Nations Cup tournament.  This is a six-team tournament, and Team Russia finds itself in Group B along with Finland and Canada (the latter represented in Germany by an Under-22 team).  Russia takes on the Canadians on Thursday and the Finns on Friday, with Saturday’s placement game wrapping up the competition.  Group A, by the way, includes Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland.

You can see Team Russia’s Nations Cup roster here.  Unlike for the recent pair of games against Japan, this Russian roster includes most though not all of the “big names,” and should be fairly close to what the coaching staff would like to take to the Olympics, should that whole situation be worked out satisfactorily.  The goaltending, in particular, appears to be set firmly as the trio of Nadezhda Morozova, Valeriya Tarakanova, and Nadezhda Alexandrova.  There are still some slots to be filled on defence and up front, however, and these next couple of games may give us some clues as to how that task will be accomplished!

A full recap of the Nations Cup, news from the U18 Worlds, and a look ahead to the Women’s Hockey League All-Star game will be included in next week’s update!

The Medal Round Arrives at the World Juniors


The Russian bench celebrates a goal during the group stage of the 2017-18 World Juniors.  (Image Source)

The group stage is over, and the medal round of the 2017-18 World Junior Championship in Buffalo is set to start tomorrow with the four quarterfinal games!  Team Russia duly advanced to the knockout games, but head coach Valery Bragin’s squad can hardly be said to have taken the easy route, and there must be some serious concern about their chances of making the podium.  Read on, for a look back at the preliminary stage, and a look ahead to tomorrow’s quarterfinal (you can also check out the piece here from last week on Russia’s World Juniors roster)!

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Women’s Hockey Update: December 27th, 2017


The Under-18 Russian women’s national team (plus coach Yevgeny Bobariko) belting out the anthem after winning bronze at the 2017 U18 Women’s Worlds.  Final preparations for the 2018 edition of the tournament got underway this week!  (Image Source)

Slightly delayed, but here is this week’s Russian women’s hockey update!  This edition includes recaps of some international games this past weekend, Russia’s preliminary roster for the Under-18 Women’s Worlds, and more — including, unfortunately, some further sad Olympic news.  Read on…

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