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The KHL & Other Leagues Respond to the Coronavirus Outbreak

Shougang Arena, Beijing, home of the KHL’s Kunlun Red Star. (Image Source)

Much news this week about the outbreak of a coronavirus in China, particularly in the central province of Hubei. It is unclear yet how serious the outbreak is, and how worried we should all be, but the Chinese government has restricted travel to, from, and within the worst-hit areas. And the four Russian-based hockey leagues that include at least one Chinese team have also taken note of the situation, with one eye on the possible necessity of relocating some games. Read on, for a quick run-down of what steps the various the KHL, ZhHL, VHL, and MHL have taken so far, and what they might do if the coronavirus situation does not improve.

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Playoff Pictures

CSKA Moscow have secured a KHL playoff spot, but who will join them? (Image Source)

The various All-Star Festivities are out of the way (a very good time seems to have been had by all), and for the various Russian hockey leagues, it’s a straight drive from here to the end of the regular season, and thence the playoffs. So time now to set the various playoff scenarios, and see how the races are shaping up in the KHL, Women’s Hockey League, VHL, and MHL. Read on!

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The Women’s Hockey League at the Halfway Point, Part 2

Gorny St. Petersburg’s Fanuza Kadirova celebrates a goal against city rivals Dynamo earlier this season. (Image Source)

On the second batch of our mid-term report cards for Women’s Hockey League teams (the first batch is here). This time, we’re looking at the bottom half of the table… or at least, at the teams that were in the bottom half when their schedule hit the 14-game mark. Things have changed, and one of those clubs is now in a playoff position! Which one? Read on…

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The Women’s Hockey League at the Halfway Point, Part 1.

Agidel Ufa forward Olga Sosina. (Image Source)

At the halfway point? Actually, a little past it now; the Russian Women’s Hockey League (the ZhHL) resumed action after its own international break this past week, with each team having played 14 games of the 28-game regular season at that point. Everybody is at 15 or 16 games now, and today we’ll check in with the league’s top four teams, and see how their seasons have gone so far. Read on, for progress reports!

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The Long Road Continues for SK Sverdlovsk Oblast

Joy for the SK Sverdlovsk Oblast players after they broke a long, long, losing streak last season. (Photo by Darya Sukhorukova, Source)

We wrap up our look at this season’s Women’s Hockey League teams by turning our attention to Yekaterinburg-based SK Sverdlovsk Oblast (the “SK,” incidentally, stands for “Sbornaya Komanda” — “Selects Team”). They were last in the league by a mile in 2018-19, as they have been for some seasons now, but they did at last cause a slight ripple in the standings, and there is a reason or two to be, ever-so-mildly-and-relatively, optimistic about their future.

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In Their New Home, Gorny St. Petersburg Look for New Results

The Grony St. Petersburg bench looks on during an early 2019-20 game. (Image Source)

We’re up to the penultimate entry in our series of looks at the teams of the Russian Women’s Hockey League in 2019-20! SK Gorny began last season in the little northern city of Ukhta, and by the end they were playing out of the metropolis of St. Petersburg, but the playoffs still elude them. Their next move, hopefully, will be of the “up the standings” variety — read on…

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Tornado Moscow Oblast Look for Redemption in 2019-20

Tornado Moscow Oblast. (Image Source)

Tornado Moscow Oblast, based in the town of Dmitrov just north of Russia’s capital, used to rule the roost in the Women’s Hockey League; they have won nine titles since their founding in 2003, including six in seven seasons between 2011 and 2017. But Tornado in 2018-19 were a shadow of their usual self, and 2019-20 opens with many more questions than answers about the former powerhouse. Read on…

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The Newcomers: KRS Vanke Rays Shenzhen in 2019-20

KRS Vanke Rays Shenzhen celebrate a pre-season tournament championship in Beijing in late August. Their opponents at that event included ZhHL rivals Agidel Ufa. (Image Source)

Time for the fifth of our 2019-20 Women’s Hockey League (ZhHL) previews, and this time we will be talking about the league’s newly-added eighth team, and its first from outside of Russia. KRS Vanke Rays Shenzhen, based in southeastern China, join the Russian circuit following the untimely demise of the Canadian Women’s Hockey League. Read on, as we take a look at their 2019-20 roster!

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SKIF’s Youth System Bears Fruit

The 2019-20 SKIF Nizhny Novgorod Oblast team. (Image Source)

SKIF Nizhny Novgorod Oblast were once dominant in Russian women’s hockey, but their last title arrived in 2013-14, and 2018-19’s playoff appearance in fact represented a step forward from two years go. However, SKIF have always had a very strong youth system, one of the very best in Russia, and graduates of that program are starting to thrive in the professional league. Can they overcome the summer departures of some very important veterans, and continue their encouraging development? Read on…

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Off on the Right Foot: Biryusa Krasnoyarsk in 2019-20

Biryusa Krasnoyarsk celebrate a victory early in the 2019-20 campaign. (Image Source)

The 2019-20 season in the Russian Women’s Hockey League (the ZhHL) is now underway, with every team have played its opening two games. One of the squads that will be feeling pretty content with the weekend’s work is Biryusa Krasnoyarsk, part of the Sokol Krasnoyarsk club whose top men’s team plays in the VHL. Biryusa have one of the ZhHL’s most lethal scorers, a goaltending mainstay of the Russian national team, an exciting young group coming up, and — still going strong — one of the pioneers of Russian women’s hockey. Read on, as we look at their 2019-20 chances!

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