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Admiral Vladivostok in 2018-19


Admiral Vladivostok (in dark blue) await the beginning of a 2017-18 home game against Metallurg Magnitogorsk.  (Image Source)

On the bright side, Admiral are still here.  The far-eastern club’s money crisis last season, which we discussed in December, was nearly fatal, and predictably resulted in the ravaging of the rosters both at the KHL team and at (junior) MHL squad Taifun Primorsky Krai.  It also means that the Admiral Vladivostok that enters 2018-19 is in fact a new legal entity, although it does inherit the few remaining players from last season’s squad.  Now, I am not 100% sure that the crisis is in fact over, but for now, the situation with the team seems stable, or stable enough, and preparations are underway for the upcoming season.  How good will Admiral be?  Not good at all, it would seem, and understandably so — read on.

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Kunlun Red Star Beijing in 2017-18


Kunlun Red Star Beijing, pre-game in 2017-18.  (Image Source)

A quick note for starters: I had originally intended to preview Slovan Bratislava after Dinamo Riga, but Slovan’s article is on hold for now — they simply have not yet done enough building of their roster, particularly at forward, for me to say anything useful right now.  I will post their preview when we have a better idea of what the team will look like in 2018-19.

Five wins from Kunlun Red Star’s first seven games in 2017-18 under legendary Head Coach Mike Keenan, and all of them on the road, too…  but then things went horribly awry for the KHL’s lone Chinese club.  A winless November was followed by Keenan’s exit, and interim bench boss Bobby Carpenter could not turn things around.  Playing the entire 2017-18 season in a temporary home in Shanghai probably did not help Kunlun Red Star, but there is some good news there: though KRS will again start this coming season in Shanghai, reports are that they plan to return to the Chinese capital in December.  As for the roster, and their prospects for a rebound campaign, read on…

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Dinamo Riga in 2018-19 (Updated)

Dinamo Riga’s first quarter of the 2017-18 season was an absolute train-wreck: five points taken from a possible 42, and their playoff hopes were basically dead and buried by the first day of October.  Then, most of their few bright spots on the roster departed this spring and summer.  So doom and gloom again?  Well, some of that, yes, but there are also reasons for a certain amount of very modest optimism at the club from the Latvian capital as well.  Read on, for the first of our 2018-19 KHL team previews…

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2017-18 KHL Splits

As I mentioned yesterday, the 2018-19 KHL team previews start this week, and one of the things I’m going to add to them for this go-round is each team’s quarterly splits (by pts%) for the 2017-18 regular season.  And here is the full chart of same for the KHL last season, sorted by final overall points percentage.


Each KHL team played 56 games last season, so the quarters were each 14 games long with 42 available points per team.  Quarters marked in green mean that the team was in the top five in the league (plus ties) for that particular 14-game segment, and red means that the team was in the bottom five (again, plus ties).  This coming season will feature a 62-game campaign for each team, which does not divide evenly into four quarters, but I will figure something out when the time comes.

You can see (and sort) the spreadsheet here.


It Begins…


SKA St. Petersburg’s Alexander Barabanov (#94 in white) circles the net against Ak Bars Kazan, represented by Vasily Tokranov (#24) and goalie Emil Garipov, during a 2017-18 game.  Those two teams will renew acquaintances on Sept. 1 to open the 2018-19 KHL Regular Season!  (Image Source)

The 2018-19 hockey season in Russia is upon us!  Or at least the preliminaries are.  Teams in all sorts of leagues are starting up their training camps, and we are just two or three weeks away from the first exhibition games.  Read on, for talk of the KHL’s 2018-19 schedule, and a couple of quick notes on other matters.

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Behind the Benches: Bobrov Division



Severstal Cherepovets Head Coach Alexander Gulyavtsev. (Image Source)

Three divisions down, and so one to go in our survey the KHL’s coaches for 2018-19 (we have already looked at the Kharlamov, Chernyshev, and Tarasov Divisions)!  Last, but not least, is the West Conference’s Bobrov Division, where we find a couple of coaches who guided long-time playoff outsiders back to the promised land last season, as well as new faces at a two of the division’s biggest clubs.  Read on…

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Behind the Benches: Tarasov Division


Igor Nikitin greets the CSKA Moscow faithful.  (Image Source)

With this, the third installment in our look at 2018-19’s KHL coaches, we switch over to the West Conference.  Previously, we checked in on the East’s Kharlamov and Chernyshev divisions, where a combined ten out of 13 teams will enter 2018-19 will a new Head Coach.  The West… well, the coaching situation in the West Conference has been a lot calmer!  Read on, as we begin with the Tarasov Divsion…

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Behind the Benches: Chernyshev Division


Vladimir Yurzinov, Jr. (at left), has been carrying on the family coaching business begun many years ago by his father, Vladimir Yurzinov, Sr. (right).  The younger Yurzinov will return behind the Sibir Novosibirsk bench this coming season.  (Image Source)

This evening we move right along with our look at KHL teams and their coaches in 2018-19.  We stay with the East Conference for this one, but shift over to the Chernyshev Division, where six out of the seven teams will have a new face behind the bench this coming season.  Read on, for a well-known NHL coach making his KHL debut, a former Toronto Maple Leafs hero now in the Far East, and other interesting stories.

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Behind the Benches: Kharlamov Division


Ak Bars Kazan Head Coach Zinetula Bilyaletdinov with the trophy after his team’s 2017-18 Gagarin Cup triumph. (Image Source)

A new KHL season is on the horizon!  Teams will begin assembling for their 2018-19 training camps in about three weeks or so, and that means it is time to start looking ahead to the new campaign (even though we still have some tidying up of the old one to be done).  No better place to start, too, than by looking at the men who will be behind KHL benches next season, and we will get that process underway with the Head Coaches of the East Conference’s Kharlamov Division.  Read on!

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It Lives!

The Russian hockey map that I did a couple of seasons is back up and functioning (or is at least in a somewhat presentable form), and you can get to it via the link on the bar above (next to “Russian Hockey on Social Media,” which I also encourage you to check out), which will take to the map and a few explanatory notes.  The map by itself is viewable here.  More to come — I still have leagues to add to it, and there will doubtless be some changes over the course of this off-season.  Enjoy!